Community Storytelling



'…Sharon's ability to engage vulnerable groups of people through storytelling is quite remarkable…’ Dr Sue Jennings DTh; University of Derby; NDP Ltd.


Using storytelling to access communication skills and memories, Sharon’s applied storytelling practise addresses the emotional and social needs of particular groups.  

She has worked with a huge range of groups including children and adults with learning difficulties, the physically disabled and visually impaired. She established a therapeutic storytelling practise at the charity Freedom from Torture, using traditional tales from participants’ homelands to access personal stories. She has developed models for working with frail elderly people and those with memory impairment.



‘… I was very impressed when a group of older, listless people became bright, aware and responsive once the storytelling got underway…' Dr. Sue Jennings

A regular visiting tutor to the Romanian Association of Play and Drama Therapy, she teaches psychologists, nurses therapists and teachers about using storytelling as part of their professional practice.

She is currently co-editing 'The International Handbook of Texts, Stories and Storytelling' for Routledge Keegan Paul

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