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Storytelling for Schools


With performances, workshops, residencies and projects


‘… I have never seen the class so involved in an activity, I watched the children living the story…’ Gladesmore School, Tottenham, London


With a background in theatre in education and many years working with the Unicorn Children’s Theatre, Sharon tells to all ages of young people. Workshop activities developing communication and literacy skills can follow performances. 

Programmes can be adapted according to the needs of each school – be it to support the national curriculum or for particular events and festivals such as National Storytelling Week, National Book Week, World Book Day, Eid, Diwali, and Chanukah. She has worked in France, Romania and India and is developing her bilingual practise storytelling in French as an aid for those learning French as a second language.

Residencies and projects can be developed with schools to explore particular topics. These can happen with the collaboration of other artists – visual or musical.

Examples include: ‘The Making of Wessex’ - an exploration of the mythological landscape shaped by the peoples who settled in the region; ‘To End all Wars’ – a journey through stories of conflict from the world’s countries that fought in the First World War. Interfaith projects nurture the sharing of ethics and respectful attitudes to differences. Visits for schools can be arranged for  exhibitions or places of special interest with an accompanying site specific storytelling programme and activities.

Sharon will work from Somerset or London. Fees start at £150 for half a day.

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