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Sharon Jacksties Storyteller

By telling stories we make sense of our world.

Stories are keys that unlock all cultures.

Storytelling connects us to our past and enables us to imagine our future.

Sharon Jacksties tells stories to audiences of adults, young people and families.

Her dynamic and versatile performances draw on stories from all over the world.

Interpreting the wisdom of traditional material for contemporary audiences, her repertoire includes tales that have rarely been heard in this country.

Tel: 01458 259553                   Mob: 07881486833



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Current Projects

Sovereign Nature is a multi-layered venture with a new nature giant at its heart. 

Her processional appearances attract new audiences for storytelling, when stories about the natural world are told.

She raises awareness of ecological issues by celebrating local wildlife, showing both endangered species and those that have been re-introduced.

Sovereign Nature is the hub for all kinds of creative activities with community groups, many having contributed to her garments through textile crafting activities during which stories about Somerset's landscapes and animals have been shared.

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If you would like to know more about this project, you can watch the documentary,

'Sovereign Nature, journeys with a giant ' using this link

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Another Arts Council funded project, in partnership with Somerset Libraries, is 'Pop Up Tales' during which I will be telling stories throughout Somerset, including venues where no storyteller has been before.

My forthcoming book entitled 'The History of the World in 100 Tales' will be my 5th to be published by the History Press in autumn 2024

Winter brings a return to Center Parcs where I shall be one of their storytellers in residence until Feb. 2025

Recent Projects 

Last autumn saw a return to Romania where I was on tour, teaching professionals about storytelling in applied contexts. This involved working with teachers, clinicians and other health practitioners introducing them to therapeutic storytelling and teaching storytellers about how to develop their practices with groups that have particular needs. 

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Artistic Director of 'Spoken World' community storytelling company, we were funded for our third project with elderly residents in care and nursing homes. A sequel to sister projects,  'Story Share' and 'A Sense of Place', we were at last able to return to residential settings after lockdowns. Whilst focusing on isolated residents we also saw our work as supporting care workers and nurturing their relationship with residents after the unprecedented conditions brought about by the pandemic. 

1 Nov.png

Spoken World has also developed its work with complementary art forms to create new audiences for storytelling. Here is 'The Litter Twitter Trio,' giant animated puppets that promenade their eco-comedic interactive performances at festivals to raise awareness about plastic in our waterways and oceans. Following their sorties, the trio attracts audiences to Nature's Tales, the traditional storytelling sessions that explore our relationship with the natural world .

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Another Romanian project involves supporting a  group of applied storytellers. This group of psychologists, therapists and educators uses storytelling in health and educational settings and with people with special needs.

A further applied storytelling project completes its four year journey in Spring with the publication of

'The International Handbook of Therapeutic Stories and Storytelling'

Litter Twitter Trio 2.jpg

2022 saw the publication of my latest anthology 'Myths of Gods and Goddesses in Britain and Ireland'. It was a very different journey from my 3 folk tale collections, also published with The History Press

myths of gods comp 0995634.jpg

 Despite its book launches being curtailed by the pandemic, 'Animal Folk Tales' has been successful enough for me to have been asked to record its audiobook version. What a learning curve!

Animal Cover.jpg

Promoting and extending its readership!

Literary Otter 2.jpg

I continued to focus on Romanian projects, teaching and mentoring applied storytellers using stories in health, social and educational settings. Congratulations to 'My Name Is Courage' for getting government funding for working with children and their stories of resilience during the pandemic. Many thanks for inviting me to start the project off with a Zoom storytelling session for schoolchildren which happened appropriately on St. Nicholas Day. This took the sad edge off my no longer being FEST (Federation of European storytelling organisations) ambassador for the UK. The termination of this new post came as a direct result of the lack of negotiations by the UK for a cultural agreement with the European Community.

My Name Is Courage

St. NicholasDay storytelling.JPG

The applied storytelling handbook below is an invaluable resource. Invited to co-edit, I contributed an anthology of stories I have used in a therapeutic context and a chapter about my former practice  with torture survivors .

International Handbook.png

 Taking bookings for my full length shows for adults :

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The heroine of this collection of rarely told Persian tales will delight listeners with her ability to triumph in the face of the impossible

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Sometimes the Other World is uncomfortably close to our own. Who then, will dare to tell its stories?

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